Yoga ClassOpen Door Yoga offers several types of classes: hatha yoga classes which are for all levels and make up the majority of the classes; restorative yoga for healing and very gentle opening; power yoga classes which are more vigorous; power 2 yoga for taking the vigour to another level; and yin yoga in which poses are held for longer stretches. For a more complete description of the class type, please see below.

A small, cozy space holding a maximum of 30 ensures students receive attention and guidance from the friendly and professional teachers.

Hatha Yoga: More info here.

Restorative Yoga: More info here.

Power Yoga: More info here.

Power 2: More info here.

Yin Yoga: More info here.

Yoga Teacher Training: Teach what you love! Comprehensive 200 hour training recognized by the North American Yoga Alliance taught by Hogan Poon, Georgina Varveris, James Fairbanks, and Marjorie Haynes.

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Students may also subscribe to the following classes as ongoing specialty classes:

Pre-Natal Yoga: More info here.

Laughter Yoga: More info here.

Mom & Baby Yoga: More info here.