Kristen McCarthy has a natural instinct for the language of the soul, and graduated with an honours degree in creative writing from the University of British Columbia.

Her personal journey into the natural of healing led her study with teachers from wisdom traditions in yoga, shamanism, and gnosticism for over sixteen years. She has taught public yoga classes, workshops and private sessions for eight years, and developed a special interest in the benefits of a meditation technique called Yoga Nidra, which she offers monthly at Open Door Yoga as a workshop.

All her yoga classes are inspired by the system of Ayurveda and the five elements of nature. Her intention is to bring balance to the body, mind and heart, rather than exacerbate habitual tendencies. What you can expect are classes that respond to the energetics of the students in attendance, and therefore can range from gentle to moderate to challenging. There is a song that says, you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you find you get what you need.

Kristen is a teacher that hands ownership of a student’s practice back to them. It’s up to each student to enter fully into their own practice and to embrace it. She does not offer physical adjustments to students, unless they make an appointment for a private session, because a proper assessment is needed to truly benefit a student in the long term. She will, however, offer light touch in classes, when verbal or visual cues are not enough.

The thread that remains the same throughout all her classes, is a dedication to cultivating a true depth of presence within the foundations of practice. There, we learn to observe ourselves and develop an awareness of our minds. The term advanced yoga was created by the ego, and there is no value in placing our attention there. Kristen will slow people down who want to race ahead and offer simplicity to those who want to achieve. That is the medicine of yoga.

Kristen is a certified Shamanic Energy Medicine practitioner and student of transpersonal psychology, who offers private mind-body sessions to harmonize all levels of the being. Currently, she is accepting clients who seek a healing modality that addresses them as a whole human being – one who is physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. Sessions support clients to understand what they need to heal on the level of the soul.