Taking my first yoga class was a transformative experience for me. Yoga made me feel graceful and strong – like I could do anything.  I like yoga because it makes me feel alert, yet calm.  I think this is a beautiful way to move in the world.

In my hatha classes, I’ll teach in an energized style with sequences and transitions that flow and are set to music that moves us.  Other times when people ask me “what kind of yoga do you teach?”  I answer by saying the kind where you lie down on the floor and breath deeply.  I teach to the energy in the room and to the needs of my students. I offer hands-on adjustments and will use props to support or deepen poses.  It is not just a physical class, but one that hopefully allows us to connect with ourselves more deeply.  Always, I create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that holds a wide bandwidth for all the gifts and challenges our bodies offer.

Currently I am teaching Hatha and Yin yoga classes. I am influenced by Sarah Powers, Shiva Rea, Julian Walker, Kate Potter and Jane Ellison.

I thank all of the teachers and students I have encountered along the way and am very grateful to be able to teach yoga at Open Door.