Choose what to dwell on, yes, you do have a choice:

Choose what to dwell on, yes, you do have a choice:

Is Saturday morning … I am already on my mat about to kick off with Sarita’s class, this week was a pretty intense and the clutter of the past busy days is still in my head, my body is resenting so many hours of seating.

What a week! Yeaks, can’t believe it, all the things I had to do, how is this even possible… this is bad…my thoughts keep spinning around and around.

I need this class so bad I tell to myself and start placing my intention:

Thank you, my intention for this class will be to give thanks: I start to make a list of everything I am grateful for and I realize, hey? Why was I feeling so overwhelmed? What did I decide to think this was a bad week? It wasn’t a bad week at all!!! It was a terrific week as matter fact!

My thoughts start slowly shifting from a stressful storm of negative ideas to a peaceful realization of accomplishment, the more points I add, the more I see my feelings were the result of only seen the negative side of everything, instead of transitioning to the completion of my week’s challenges

As the class goes on I notice the spots in my lungs I letting air come through, it hurts, the stress was not allowing me to breathe normally and I was not conscious about until I stopped and stepped on my mat Sarita’s classes are one of my favorites ( I only have one favourite class per teacher in the studio ) before the class finishes Sarita shares special insights from her teachers that to me are extremely enlightening.

Saturday’s insight resonated within me: we are hardwired for negativity, and we need to purposely shift into positive thoughts and dwell on the positive thoughts, be aware not to drift away into the darker side of the brain.

After my class, I decided to research more about this as Sarita mentioned this was based on science and found more information to increase awareness to help ourselves from drowning in pessimism.

So don’t let your brain fool you! life is great just read more about how to make the switch

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You cannot “bounce back” from hardship you can only move through it. There is a path through pain to wisdom, through suffering to strength and through fear to courage _ if we have the virtue of resilience.

In a previous blog entry, I have mentioned life struggles, this time, I am bringing up the topic from the resilience point of view ( the tool to overcome struggles ) , the popular saying circulating around “do you bend or break”? I want to talk about this virtue that we all come with, do we come with the resilience chip in us? Or do we learn to be resilient?

I think from my life experience that strength is either is in us or we develop resilience, to me, my source of resilience is yoga, my quiet time and home and meditating or praying, reflecting on the resilience growth I must say that breathing deeply in the class helps me calm down, and somehow detach from unnecessary burdening thoughts. The one hour yoga class is like a session to sweep away shadows, concerns, and repetitive thoughts, they go away or far away enough so I can see them in perspective: to either find a solution to conflictive situations when there is a solution, or find strength to accept there will no be way out of it, and let it go, and come to terms with the outcome.

Reading this book Resilience by Eric Greitens made me realize that along with my practice some research in the subject may also help to build up resilience,if you have the time to read this book, and reflect on it, you’ll notice how much the practice enhances this one virtue in your life I am sure you will see resilience happening in your life much more often

Have you found yourself in special situations when you have needed to learn how to be flexible rather than breaking?

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A colourful flag dyed in blood red.

A colourful flag dyed in blood red.

The news were hard to believe and even harder to digest a week away from the incident, and media saturated, a question keeps resonating within my head, why are these mass shooting happening? Why is there any mass killing happening at all?

Can someone go insane, decide to buy guns, accumulate so much hate against certain group and decide to kill as many as he can in one night?

It seems like an individual or a group can do just as about whatever he/they want to do, this individual could be Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, could be me or you, could be the US military killing civilians in “war zones” whether the action is right or wrong, the decision is to hurt or help, all the resources are out there at our finger tips, we can mass shoot a crowd or we can lead a successful life in whatever way we think success comes, enlist in the army or volunteer to feed the poor, in a first world country this is a matter of choice.

We have access to education there are laws and restrictions these kind of tragedies are not supposed to happen in an era when we have “evolutionated” for thousands of years now.

Seems like we haven’t progressed much when we have it all and still decide to hate each other, this killing was hate, ignorance, free access to weapons, mental illness, you name it, for me it all starts with the ONE who ignored its responsibility that comes with the free will to make decisions: hurting instead of respecting.

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Ooops I did It again… ( missed a class )

Ooops I did It again… ( missed a class )

My body was aching, and I felt tired, I went out for dinner instead, or maybe just stayed in and watched TV, and even though, knowing I needed to go, I didn’t make it to my yoga class, all these not so great decisions I make and feel bad about, whenever I chose to do something else over my practice I regret later, other times I really can’t make it to yoga say I need to finish a project or go and run some errands that can’t wait one more day.

Whatever the reason is, I always wish I could have made it to the class, and then is when I do my practice at home, the luxury of this option is that I can set my diffuser and enjoy the relaxation of the aroma blends that I keep at home, and is FREE of charge!

This option allows me to set my practice whenever I want, no need to check the schedule or make time to make it to the studio, I may have just 1 hour or less to practice, before I head out, that makes enough time to do it and still have a great day with yoga in my routine. Did I mention this option is free? yes it is and it has video, audio, and words is constantly renewed with new material and insights

So here you go another option to stick to your practice, keep building excuses free yoga life!

Here is the link again, save it to your favorites and keep your practice evolving.

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You cannot predict the future; you can only connect the dots looking backwards:

You cannot predict the future; you can only connect the dots looking backwards:

Steve Jobs said it… a long time ago yet it was not news when he said it, neither is news now that I recover it from your collective memory to bring relevance to this post.

With fluctuating levels of uncertainty in our life, is necessary to take a deep breath trust in faith and keep moving forward.

The way I see it the dots are the milestones, little or big successes we’ve bothered to work on, achievements that take us closer to our goal, the goal: a complete outlined shape, that will look as our dream, the direction to draw the line is compassed by our “gut” check back with your instinct it helps to make an effort to stay focused.

Slow down, ask questions, listen, pause, recover lost energies and start over, hit the road one more time, is worth to keep trying as long as there is live to be lived.

And remember, you may not be there yet, but the journey is also part of the fun, do not hold your breath until you get there, chill and enjoy the ride.

Is worth reading about the life of Steve Jobs, not only because he was a genius unable to predict that his ideas would keep this new wave of humans ignoring life by stuffing their faces with their smartphones, but also because he had setbacks and comebacks just like any other of us.

He didn’t make it out alive just like any of us will, so keep working towards what you really want, and relax!

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Be Thankful

Be Thankful

I usually take many things for granted: Power, tap water, a hot shower,breakfast any of the daily things we can easily access. Is only the times when I can’t use these things that I realize how important they really are, and I should be aware that the basic things are not granted.

Somewhere I read that been grateful generates more blessings in your life.

So be aware of the things you can be thankful for, write a thank you note to a co-worker who made the effort to help you, it’s not necessary to spend money on a “Thank You” card if you are short of cash, just write a note and with an honest thankful message, pause, say thank you, along with the person’s name, add a “Thank you very much” to your e-mail reply it takes less than 2 seconds, it will boost your working day good vibes, if you need more ideas about how to give thanks : 365 ways of giving thanks

You can be thankful beyond the good manners, been thankful will help you and others feel better.

So I decided to start with a pretty simple practice: I will start making a list of 5 things I am grateful for, and I will also say thank you to the people around me more often, I know this is not a super original idea but I will implement it because it helps

These the first 5 things I am thankful for:

1. My good night of sleep
2. My hot coffee this morning
3. Because I can feel my loved ones close
4. Because I found a white feather in the garden the other day
5. The warmth hope brings to my heart

…and I will add one more, THANK YOU for reading this post

How about you? Would you like to add 5 things you are thankful for today?
Here some insights about thankfulness: On Gratitude

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When your head panics, your heart trusts

When your head panics, your heart trusts

Life gives us lemons from time to time, and not quite “Lululemon’s” things shift all of sudden and we are unexpectedly seated in the “get a new plan going” living room.

A relationship is over, a relative departs to higher grounds, one or two doors close.

You name it, and is this does not only happen to you no matter what Facebook and Instagram photos say, these are only edited versions of what we want to show, we all go through sh*! … say less bright days,

These breaks are painful sometimes, but also push us forward to new heights where we have never been before.

When we look back we realize things have worked out every time they have gone wrong or different from the plan we had in mind.

Once a friend said to me: no matter what our head decides to think about the outcome of a situation, things do work out the way they should is just our head the one making the decision “this is good or this is bad”

Your head can be all over the place, while the heart just peacefully keeps biting like he knew a secret the head has not heard about yet, is a funny good conflict, intensively happening.

Since we are equipped with a great deal of resilience we can harness to this place of hope and compassion we carry inside.

Breath and get your plan in action, act on your positive thoughts and stay enthusiastic.

When the head panics Trust with your heart

And here a video by my teacher Lydia Hol to illustrate this hope concept 🙂

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A walk in solitude (among the crowd)

A walk in solitude (among the crowd)

As a highlight of my day is my walk to the studio, the day is over, all the pending things are done (hopefully), I just had a light dinner and start to head down to the studio for my yoga session of the day.

Is not a short walk but certainly, but there is nothing I enjoy more than its length, is sunny, not hold cold just the perfect temperature for a walk before a yoga class if you know what I mean, and all the flowers are calling with their special scents.

Along the busy street, I am already getting into a special solitude mode, nothing like a crowd to make you feel like you are on your own, completely.

I become a smiley observer of my surroundings and I don’t feel lonely I feel part of something bigger that’s not by my side yet to me.

I heard them talking I heard them laughing, the inviting aromas of the food are a constant reminder that I will be back soon to seat on that table on one side of the road.

So many details, traditions, and novelty is all a very enjoyable walk in solitude through a busy street.

I have arrived and I am feeling pretty satisfied, yet there is more to come, welcoming smiles at the studio, I hear my name and reply with their name, there are peace and more inner space, time to just to brush off the dust of the soul.

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Unhealthy choices can come back to haunt years later

Unhealthy choices can come back to haunt years later

I want to share this post I found in the newspaper the other day, it made me realize how our everyday’s decisions build up either a good or bad quality of life

By Dai Manuel
Thursday, April 21, 2016

Skip the fast food — future you will thank you for it

I don’t have time. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to do it. And most of all, I have no idea why I’m doing it. Whether someone has a goal to be more active, release a few pounds, eat a little healthier, or simply read a book, these are a few of the most common excuses why people don’t change.

I’ll admit that change is hard. As creatures of habit we find comfort in consistency. Roof over our head, food on the table, a stable job and an annual vacation, all are arguably life constants we never expect to change. But when we experience an event like losing a job or having our home destroyed in a fire, all hell breaks loose. We never hope for these types of events to happen, but with some forsight can plan for them “just in case.”

We can buy house insurance, and we can pursue a path to continuously develop our skill sets to retain and gain career opportunities. These pro-active approaches to protecting your assets not only provides peace of mind, but also takes the fear factor out of the unknown. So if — or when — that life altering event occurs, you’re covered.

As a lifestyle mentor, however, I see more and more people gapping when it comes to being proactive with their health. We eat what we eat and have always eaten, without paying attention to the quality of what we consume. We take our cars to work, work an eight-hour day at a desk, most of the time sitting down. We drive our car back home, eat again, sit down on our couch and spend a few hours winding down after a stressful day while watching Netflix and surfing the web on the phone. We go to sleep and the cycle repeats — for years in some cases.

Fast-forward five, 10 or 20 years, and we are now carrying an extra 15 to 20 lbs. of fat on our bodies. Our knees and backs ache from carrying the extra weight. We have little energy and feel lethargic most of the day. We have little to no motivation to do anything outside our daily routine. Then all of a sudden one day we wake up and can’t bend over to tie up our shoes, we can’t walk up a flight of stairs without keeling over gasping for air, or worse still, we can’t play with our toddler at the park because our newly diagnosed type-2 diabetes has us riding the bench in life.

Unlike an accidental house fire or losing a job, when your health is too far gone, no amount of money will buy you a new body and no amount of continuing education will take your diabetes away.

The negative repercussions of compounding effects of time are apparent over months, and in many cases, years. One doesn’t wake up one day and discover they are morbidly obese, this happens based on poor lifestyles choices being made day after day for a long period of time.

Four weeks ago, the Kin’s Farm Market Transformation participants said, ‘Enough is enough!’ They committed 30 minutes a day to improve their body, mind and spirit. The plan was simple: 15 minutes a day for movement with purpose (body), 5 minutes a day for mindfulness (spirit), 10 minutes a day for personal development (mind). For 30 days the participants followed a plan, they invested the time into themselves and the benefits were immense. By day 28, each participant accomplished 420 minutes of exercise, 140 minutes of mindfulness and mediation along with 280 minutes of concentrated personal development! This is how the compound effect can work for us, rather than against us.

We’ve been following the progress of three very different challenge participants. All of whom experienced different benefits from a 30 minute a day ritual. Kevin, 52, said, “I’m proud of the progress I have made even with a busy schedule and a slight injury. There is no excuse not to get in shape as there is a way to work around anything. Just need the will to do it.”

Michelle, a busy mother juggling a full-time career, said, “The scale is slowly dipping — and I’ve made small changes every day in what I choose to eat. I’ve swapped out a carby breakfast for an almond milk protein shake, I plan out my meals for the week so I don’t hit the drive through. I guess that’s a few things. But being mindful of keeping active every day is probably the biggest accomplishment I’ve achieved!”

Abhay, our 26-year-old full time working student, was most impacted by the mindfulness practice. “It was amazing to see how half an hour, which is only about 2 percent of the day can have a significant change on your overall thought process. The meditation and self reflection part of the challenge might not have a quantifiable measure at the end of it, but it is actually the part which impacts the physical fitness the greatest,” he said.

The Japanese call this idea of constant and gradual improvement “Kaizen”. Using this principle, daily choices and actions were compounded over 28-days, bringing them closer and closer to the desired goal. One small decision, then another, followed by another, eventually leads to something far greater and sustainable. And in this case, health, happiness and all around, a life of awesome.

The Kin’s Farm Market Transformation participants shelfed their excuses. Said enough is enough and made a choice to choose health first. Are you ready to take action and choose you?

If so, feel free to join the next 28-day phase for free by visiting

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Yoga cures

Yoga cures

Yoga cures:

This is true, but this is also the title of the book I have been reading this last week.

Yoga offers a better life: from the simple teaching of been present right at the moment and place where you are, to the relieve of different physical ailments that we may be suffering

In my case and as in many other cases I have heard about, yoga grounds me, when I know that I am going to be in the room for short laps of time, I can leave everything out of the studio, and this puts everything in perspective.

My yoga journey starts when I walk out from my place when the weather is sunny, I can enjoy a stroll to the studio, and everything seems brighter and warmer. The anticipation of the great relaxation that I am about to have makes my walk down on the street a very short and pleasant one.

Yoga has healed multiple ailments in my body and soul, I feel less anxious, more sensitive to smells which are good and bad, the practice enhances my inner peace and I am more capable of listening to others, well as long as they have something interesting to say, just kidding, I do feel my patience to listen has increased.

And going back to the book I first mentioned there is really a yoga cure for everything, is only a matter of trying and repeating your practice the more you attend to the classes the better quality of life you will acquire.

Do your practice and all is coming


If you want to learn more about the yoga experience
Here is a good opportunity with our teacher Kristen McCarthy
Yoga Nidra Workshop

Find the book: Yoga Cures

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