Partner Prenatal Yoga with Nadine.

Saturday, Feb 10, 2018

Time: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Location: Main & 14th


Start preparing now, for the arrival of your beautiful baby with this nurturing and informative prenatal partner yoga & birthing preparation workshop.

When: Saturday, February 10th from 1pm – 4pm
Where:Main and 14th St. studio.
The studio is located above the Starbucks and the entrance is on 14th Ave.

How much: The cost is $89 / couple.
If mom is enrolled in our regular prenatal classes the price is only
$80 / couple.

In this workshop partners* are introduced to the principles and practices of yoga such as breathing, postures, awareness, relaxation. In turn, they will learn how the benefits of these practices will help to create the optimum conditions for childbirth.

While birthing is thought of as a naturally joyous occasion, fear, anxiety and tension are a natural reaction to the thought of an experience of the pain in childbirth. Though a partner can’t actually prevent this pain or take it away, their positive presence can reduce the need for interventions and make a world of difference helping the expectant mom to be calm and relaxed. Mom may already be attending prenatal yoga classes and learning all this great stuff but their partner may have little idea of how to support them and empower them to claim their birth space.

We will go over a variety of yoga practices and techniques that promote wellness and relaxation to benefit mom and baby throughout the rest of her pregnancy and through childbirth. This will include the practice of conscious breathing, making sounds ( toning), visualizations, meditations, massage, birthing poses and assists, yoga poses and movement. You are encouraged to explore and discover what works best for you and tailor your own personalized birthing “toolkit.”

Its a hands-on opportunity to practice and prepare for birth and beyond together. And, it’s designed to be both informative and fun; it’ll bring you three closer together as you practice communication and support through touch, partner poses, presence, breathing and more. In this workshop we aim to practice more than talk so you leave feeling comfortable and experienced in the techniques. For example, we go over poses and practices that will help ground you and others that build trust and facilitate you to support each other in this extraordinary time. Other poses and movements and breathing will help to facilitate the labor process and offer pain management.

This class creates a wonderful space to consciously connect with your partner and align your intentions as you prepare for natural birthing or whatever form your birth experience takes. It’s also great opportunity to make connections and share the experience with other expectant parents. There will be a small break during the workshop at which time you can enjoy some tea and the healthy snacks provided. And, a booklet of the exercises is included so you can take what you’ve learned and continue your preparations and practice at home.

Please note that no prior yoga experience is necessary and all couples & birthing partners are invited to attend. It is suitable for all stages of pregnancy, though most people elect to come in their 2nd and 3rd trimester. I’ve had couples come in the first trimester and again closer to delivery because they feel it is truly a unique and wonderful experience connecting with each other and their growing babe. *Because so much of the workshop is centred around loving connection, creating emotional support and conscious awareness it is also suitable for couples with scheduled cesarian births to attend.

* Partner refers to anyone who will be supporting a birthing woman whether it be a spouse, mom, friend. etc.


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Partner Prenatal $93.45
Partner Prenatal
Mom is enrolled in our regular prenatal classes



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