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There’s a nothing like practicing yoga in a class with other yogis, learning how to connect specific movements to the rhythm of not only your breathing, but the rhythm of the entire community. The benefits of attending a studio class are undeniable.

  • Your Teacher: Guides you through the postures, asanas, offering adjustments and delivering constant wisdom to students.
  • There is a certain energy when practicing with others. you’re surrounded by peers, you’re sharing a space, breathing in unison.

In a studio, students and teachers succeed together and struggle together. Yoga can build a strong sense of community, a connection between like-minded people that can only be achieved in a studio environment. We all know the benefits of a regular practice.

BUT… sometimes it is hard to get to the studio. LIFE gets in the way. So…
With Audio, Video and Words created by your Open Door Teachers to inspire you and to help you with your Home Practice.

Sometimes it is impossible to get to a class, you may be on vacation, you may be having an insanely busy week at work or your family may need you at the very time you want to go to your favourite class… instead of abandoning yoga you can practice at home with your favourite Open Door Yoga Teacher.

  • You can take what you learn from class and practice at home.
  • You can practice when you want to
  • You can practice in your pajamas
  • You can practice with your cat or dog… they are awfully good at downward dog!

But also and more importantly developing a home practice is the next step on your journey to Self connection. As important it is to have a practice with a community, is to have a self-practice! This will be the one that in the end will fully inspire and sustain you.

The best part: it is an included benefit of having a Continuous 12+ pass at Open Door Yoga
It is FREE for all 12+ Continuous Pass holders.

$20 per month or $240 a year for all others.
Intro Pass holders also get access for the 8 weeks.
To take advantage of this benefit enter the coupon code you received via email. If you didn’t receive it please contact us.

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