The Home Practice page was created with the intention of helping our students maintain a regular yoga practice

What about just encouraging students to come to class?

Yes, a home practice cannot substitute for what one learns from a class but the truth is that the most challenging part of yoga is ‘making it on the mat’ which is why Open Door Yoga has -offered the lowest price pass (& largest renewal discounts) for those who make a longer commitment -offered an extension, cancellation, transfer policy to accommodate different students schedules and needs -offer as many classes as we do -have higher prices for drop-ins and 10 session passes -created the Free Month Program to help encourage students to attend regularly

So why is this page needed?

The truth is even with the points noted above, students are not always able to come to class which is why we wanted to help them have a home practice whenever and wherever they have time. That another important reason is that our intention as teachers is not just for students to rely on coming to class to practice yoga but to practice what they LEARN in class so you could say this page is also for those students who want to improve their practice.

Why this page is now free for 12mo+ members?

As we do want to also add another benefit to our long term memberships as we know the benefits of yoga come from a regular practice. That even when a long-term student takes an extension

What about helping new students?

Along with offering 2 free weeks to students who attend 16X+ in their Intro pass, we will be offering them the use of this home practice page during their intro pass

And for all other students, past members?

That it will also be available for $20/month to other members as our teachers have requested to be remunerated for preparing their submissions. We understand some may feel this cost is fairly high but this is also to make it an added incentive to purchase the 12mo+ passes.

How will this page be free for some and $20 for others?

12mo+ members will receive a password that will allow them to access the site after which they can choose their own password (and if they forget, have the option to reset it). They will have access to this page as long as their pass is active, even when they take an extension. Intro members will be offered one on their first email sent to them after they signup Members who pay $20/month will also be given a different code

What happens when 12mo+ members take an extension? Or cancel?

12mo+ members will still be allowed access to the page as this is when they may most need it! But after they cancel, their access will be cancelled but if they decide to, they can continue by paying $20/month.

Will there be new submissions?

Yes, we have asked all teachers to try to submit at least one every 6months but please ask your teacher to submit more if you feel it will help your home practice, maintain a regular practice!