June 24 – Yoga in the News


There’s purpose in the tea that’s offered at the end of an Open Door class. Click here to read about its benefits after your practice.

Top Ten questions about wellness and yoga.

Laughter might be the best medicine, but not for neighbours of a laughter yoga group in Mumbai.

Why yoga might help breast cancer survivors.

Cubans and yoga. “”So the Cuban government needed different ways to support health care and they began to promote Yoga and say it is good for health.”

Yoga benefits famous people! Comedian Russell Brands speaks about how yoga helped him cope with his divorce.

Office yoga…like you’ve never seen it before!

New York, where anything can happen…including a huge yoga gathering in Times Square.

Here’s a nice reminder of the three things yoga is NOT.

Some might be familiar with heavy metal yoga. Now there’s hip hop yoga.

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