Prenatal with Nadine

Prenatal Class Description:

Enjoy a nurturing yoga class that will leave you feeling rested and re-energized. The practice of yoga will bring your body, mind and breath together in a way that will help you prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for the challenges of childbirth and beyond ( pssst motherhood). As a regular yoga practice fosters a deeper awareness within you, it reminds you of your vast inner resources, creating a sense of inner calm and balance that is beneficial to you and your babies health. And, isn’t it nice to know that as you take care of yourself, you’re also taking care your growing baby. These gentle classes are tailored to support your changing body and the hi’s and lo’s of pregnancy. We focus on breathing, postures, meditations & visualizations topped off with a healthy dose of relaxation. Enjoy the company of other mamas while connecting to your body and your growing babe.

This class is available to anyone at any stage of pregnancy, if you are pregnant and plan to attend you should check with your care provider (doctor/midwife) to see if yoga is suitable for you.

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Here’s what some moms have said about the class: Here’s what some moms have said about the class:
“I really looked forward to Nadine’s prenatal class each week. It was a time when I could focus 100% on myself and my baby. I learned how to manage my anxieties about birth and to to centre myself. I found that Nadine was very good at making everyone feel included and part of the group.”
-Shannon, mom of Hailey, 2.

“I attended Nadine’s prenatal yoga classes throughout my entire pregnancy. I looked forward each week to sharing and practicing yoga in a safe and comfortable space with other pregnant women. Nadine is a wonderful yoga teacher and creates an atmosphere of trust and confidence for women through the highs and lows of pregnancy.The breathing and vocalizations we practiced with Nadine were invaluable during delivery.”
-Laura, mom of Louie.

“She sets a calm, relaxing, and welcoming tone in the class. She is always concerned with making the class as helpful as possible for all present. and adapts (the) class to the needs of the students. I always come out of my prenatal class feeling both relaxed and reinvigorated!”
-L.Leroy, mom to be.