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Teachers’ Focus for Private Sessions:

Private Session with Georgina:
“Using Affirmation/Creative Visualization to Heal”
One of the steps to real transformation and healing is to recognize the conditioned thinking patterns that are creating our lives. Affirmation and visualization are tools to use to deal with conditioned patterns (habitual thinking) that are depriving us from true happiness. Work is based on Louise Hay and Shakti Gawain’s teachings. A session will introduce these techniques and a method/handouts for self continued practice.
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Private Session with Sarita:
“Anatomy of Breathing”
Diaphragmatic breathing is an essential part of yoga. Learn the anatomy of breathing and how diaphragmatic breathing can improve lung capacity, soothe tension out of the muscles, and helps to achieve deep levels of relaxation. Learn about the muscles and organs involved in breathing, how to correct improper breathing patterns, and practice different diaphragmatic breathing techniques. This private class comes with colour handouts and exercises for students to practice at home.
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“Secrets of a Supple Spine”
One of the most important joints in the body is the spine. Keeping the spine healthy involves lateral or twisting movements and forward and backward bending movements. Joints love gentle, slow range of motion movements. This private class will introduce students to gentle movements for the spine that are designed to release stiffness, stretch and lengthen the back muscles, and stimulate the spongy tissue between each vertebrae. This private class comes with a handout so students can practice specific exercises at home.
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Private Session with Joan:
Awareness is a key component in yoga. I’ve observed that many yoga students, even those with many years of experience, could use some extra help with this aspect of their asana practice. (Do you know where your knee is pointing relative to your toes? Where are your shoulders and arms relative to your heart? How are you with those balancing poses?) Together we’ll identify which poses you need to work on, and then I’ll help you to develop your kinesthetic awareness and proprioception so that you can practice more safely and go deeper into your body. We will also focus on the breath! And smiling.
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