Shine from within

Shine from within

When you cultivate your inner beauty, you can notice how it is reflected in the outside.

We are always so busy worrying about the looks, going from one hairstyle to another, clothes, shoes, make-up, yet, we oversee the inner side of the beauty work.

After a while of practicing yoga, I have realized more than ever that we are made of energy. We are this energy that attracts others, energy that rejects others. We are energy that brings good and bad things to our lives. Our inner intentions or thoughts will transform our days in either great experiences or struggles.

The experience that helped the must to come to the realization how beneficial was to work in the inside first, was meditation, or moving meditation, like the one you do in Hatha yoga.

I’ve realized that whenever I took the time to slow down, and focus in my yoga class I was able to stay more positive and calm throughout the days.

My face was more relaxed, less dark circles around my eyes, my back not hunching over, even my hair had less freeze. This may sound a little bit shallow if you focus only in the cosmetic benefits of it, but, I analyzed it a little deeper and thought, well if my face, hair, and skin are looking better this must be because my organs are also functioning better, right?

I can add that my attitude is more positive when I attend my yoga classes, and this definitely helps the way other may perceive me as an individual.

So, working in the inner beauty, working with what happens through your mind and your heart can definitely help enhance your outer looks. You will just be shining from within and the rest will just come along, naturally.

Definitely give it a try, invest time in your inner beauty, as you were with your external beauty. Enjoy the benefits and share with others

Rebeca Hernández


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