Stay committed to your practice, enjoying the life enhancing benefits

What Julie had to say about how she stays regular on the mat!

The community I’ve developed at open door supports my practice. Being engaged with the teachers and other students help me stay focused o the benefits of a regular practice. On the days when I just want to stay home for one more cup of coffee in my pj’s I receive a text from a friend encouraging me to meet up at the studio. It makes it easier to go when you have community counting on you.

Again to inspire other students, can you also share with us the benefits you receive from coming to class regularly?:

The benefits I’ve gained this past year are amazing. My posture and digestive system are better. My confidence and courage to speak my needs and show up in life have grown exponentially. My mind is clear and calm because of my regular practice. I even practice at home a couple times a week now (thanks to attending Hogan’s workshop ) when I just can’t make it to the studio. My body has started to crave yoga.

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