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Can you breath into a moment?

Can you breath into a moment?

Have you ever been in a yoga class, where your yoga teacher says: breathe into your back? Or breathe into your lower back? I bet the answer is yes, and I bet you wondered how does one exactly breath into the back? Or lower back?

After a few classes of hearing this expression, I started visualizing my inhalations going to my back, my lower back or wherever I was feeling tense.

With the warriors 1 or 2 I felt tension underneath my shoulder blades, so I breathed into my shoulder blades, later on I continued breathing into the back of my legs in every forward fold, into my hips in triangle and so on. Then I realized, breathing into my body parts will not only release tension but also made good sensations even better, after a good Yoga class I would continue the pace of my breath and the relaxation feeling would linger even longer.

My breathing awareness kept expanding to different areas of my body or, should I say ? “different areas of my life”? I consciously lengthened  my breath whenever I felt stressed out, or confused or when my mind was foggy.

Lately I am breathing even deeper into “moments” I am practicing  what I call “good moments stillness”. Through this new breathing technique you can extend the life of the good moments, it also works with feelings, thoughts and sensations.

Just when your mind tells you that everything is great with your life, you take a “deep breath into that moment” savour it, with your soul and exhale. As the present becomes past the sensation remains.

However when your mind say things are not as perfect anymore, breathe into that moment as well, the “ “good moments stillness” technique will switch your mind’s thoughts for a feeling of hope, which is also a pretty good feeling.

So, here I share with you the expansion of my breathing techniques, I am sure have already heard about this, but probably you were not aware of the name.

Let me know if this pranayama also works for you, or if you find new applications for it

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Tuning in with spring

Tuning in with spring

It was already a beautiful sunny day, the second in a long weekend, I was feeling great after a good night of sleep and the anticipation of the coming yoga class, this one was a special Ayurveda workshop, new word for you? so it was for me, it made sense to me when I also heard that we’ll be combining essential oils and yoga these words are music to my ears now the two of them together is as good as it gets.

Put in simple words we were going to tune in with spring and leave the winter behind release all the energies that the cold had blocked out in the last few months and make room for the coming warmer seasons, at least that’s what I understood.

But in case this is not extended enough here is the explanation in KristenMcCarthy’s (our yoga teacher) words:

The workshop was inspired by Ayurvedic Science, Shamanism, and the wisdom of plant medicines. I combined yoga and essential oils to offer students an experience of the five elements of nature through their practice. Each season enhances or pacifies certain elements to maintain balance.

I want to empower students to view their practice as a medicine that acts in specific ways on the body and mind. There is a wisdom in learning how to apply the right practice at the right time in our lives. When we align our practice with the natural rhythms of the season, it helps us return to homeostasis in body and mind. The real medicine is alive in the world around us, and healing occurs when we remember that we are apart of the fabric of nature.

Here is the original synopsis of the workshop that Kristen wrote up:

Essence Yoga for Spring: Fire and Water

The finest material of our bodies are made of the five elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air, and space. These elements live in dynamic movement within us and are influenced by the same force that cycles one season into the next. Balance the variable qualities of Spring through the medicines of yoga and therapeutic grade essential oils. Seasonal yoga postures are enhanced through the application of pure essences that support the seven dhatus (tissues) of the body, and the five koshas (layers) of the being. This month, we connect with the elements of fire and water through a Yin / Yang practice: Cypress, Frankincense, Marjoram and other synergistic oil blends promote the quality of flow through the connective tissues, circulatory and lymphatic systems. Return to the Spirit of Life.

After the workshop I realized: maybe acknowledging all the changes that our bodies go through every season helps soothing the unpleasant effects of these changes instead of just fighting them by trying to feel the same way all 4 season long which is one of my struggles.

This 2 hours Ayurvedic Science workshop, for me was an experience of deep relaxation,I don’t think I walked home I must have just levitated, it was really that relaxing.

Today, one day after the workshop I still feel its effects, more flowing, letting go some blockages.

I have now I had officially said goodbye to winter reset and ready to keep smelling all the flowers also taking all the sunny days plus the rainy ones too, those are not as bad as everybody say they are.

I am tuned in with spring !!!

And if you are curious to learn more about Ayurveda, you can ask questions to Kristen at the studio or, how about consulting these Ayurveda books for free from the Vancouver Public Library?
Let us know if you enjoyed the workshop and want to learn more about Ayurveda or Yoga in general

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Home Remedy: Flu-fighting Tea



November is upon us, and with it comes the colder weather. It’s that time of year when we prepare for hibernation by cozying up at home, yet still foolishly opt to walk outside without a jacket; the Indian summer makes us feel invincible. Enter: flu season. As we adjust to the changing climate our immune system plays catch-up, which creates a gap where bacteria can slip through. You may wake up with a tickle in your throat, or an aching head (and I don’t just mean after Hallowe’en), but these symptoms are a reminder to take care of yourself.

When you wake up feeling groggy, there is no need to run to the pharmacy for an over-the-counter cure. You can use natural ingredients to help nip the common cold in the bud. Whether you’re looking for a preventative holistic measure, or a way to soothe existing symptoms, try this flu-fighting tea recipe:

Flu-fighting tea:

1 bag good quality organic echinacea tea (optional)

3 or 4 thin slices fresh organic ginger root

3 tablespoons organic lemon juice, freshly squeezed

2 tablespoons raw organic honey

1/2 teaspoon organic ground cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon organic ground clove

Pinch of cayenne pepper, to taste


1. In a large mug of hot water, steep the tea bag and sliced ginger for 4-6 minutes (tea bag is optional).

2. Add the lemon juice, honey, and spices. Stir well.

3. You may strain the tea through a fine sieve or cheesecloth, but it is perfectly fine to drink as is.

The cinnamon, clove, and cayenne give the concoction an extra dose of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aching properties. This spicy combination also helps break down blockages in the nasal passage.


Once you have tried this recipe, it will become a staple during your hibernation. You may want to double or triple it to maintain a healthy household—your friends and family will thank you for it. Now cozy up for the cool weather, and soothe what ails you with this spicy flu-fighting tea.

Stay well and enjoy. 










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Tryptophan-asana and Other Post-Turkey Poses


Look up and embrace the rain.

As the rain begins, reminding us of the weather we have to look forward to in the coming months, our instincts tell us to start hibernating. Now. And what better time to start than the first long weekend of Fall? Thanksgiving reminds us to be grateful; if we have not been practicing gratitude daily, this holiday can illuminate its presence once again. It is a perfect time to relax, share moments with those you love, and eat. We tend to give our digestive system a bit of an overload during this holiday as we indulge in the long-awaited delights of home-cooked turkey or tofurkey, tangy cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying all this delectable cuisine, but there are a few poses we can practice that will aid our digestion instead of staying stagnant, like the weather makes us feel.

A lot of our body’s energy serves the digestive system, so it’s no wonder that we feel lethargic with full bellies. We may feel a bit drowsy after consuming turkey due to the amino acid tryptophan, which indirectly increases production of melatonin in the brain. To combat this inevitable sleepiness, here is a short sequence of poses that will help conserve energy for whatever task calls your attention.


Vajrasana – Thunderbolt Pose

  • Start in a seated position on your knees
  • Have your toes untucked, big toes touching, and sit back on your heels
  • Rest your hands gently on your thighs, palms facing down

Stay in this pose for 5-10 minutes after a meal to ease digestion. Focus on your breath and close your eyes for deeper relaxation.


Supta Padottanasana – Reclined Leg Lift, half and full


  • Lie on your back, arms by your sides, palms facing down
  • Inhale and raise your right leg up ninety degrees, hold, exhale and lower down
  • Repeat with left leg


  • Lie on your back, arms by your sides, palms facing down
  • Inhale and raise both legs up to ninety degrees, hold, exhale and lower down

*if you have lower back pain, you can place your palms underneath your backside

Practice 5 repetitions with each leg, followed by 10 cycles of the full leg lift.


Supta Pawanmuktasana – Wind Release Pose, half and full


  • Lie on your back
  • Inhale, bring your right knee to your chest, interlace your fingers around shin
  • Exhale, bring your forehead to your knee
  • Inhale, lower your right leg while bringing your left knee to your chest and repeat steps


  • Inhale, bring both knees to your chest, and interlace your fingers around shins
  • Exhale, bring your forehead between the knees, compress your abdomen

Practice holding for 5-7 seconds each time, doing 5 cycles of each. 


Supta Matsyendrasana – Reclined Twist

Any variation of a twist will massage the inner organs and aid digestion, this is just one example:

  • Lie on your back
  • Bend your right knee, place your right foot on top of your left knee
  • Use your hands to gently guide your right knee toward the floor on the left
  • Spread your arms in a “T” shape on the floor, keeping both shoulders grounded
  • Look towards the right and close your eyes

Hold the twist for several cycles of breath, then repeat on the left side.


Ardha Shalabhasana – Half Locust Pose

  • Lie on your belly, hands under thighs with palms facing down, chin on the mat
  • Take a deep yogic breath into the lower back
  • Inhale, raise your right leg (option to support it with your left foot)
  • Exhale, slowly lower
  • Repeat with left leg

Practice 5 times on each side. If Full Locust Pose is part of your regular practice, feel free to incorporate it as it is a wonderful posture for massaging the inner organs.


Dhanurasana – Bow Pose

  • Lie on your belly, bend your knees, and grab hold of your ankles or shins, big toes touching
  • Inhale, kick your feet into your grip, as you lift your legs and chest at the same time
  • For an extra internal massage, rock forward and backward with the breath

Hold the pose for a few cycles of breath, releasing with an exhale onto your mat.


This short sequence can be done at home; you are always able to maintain your practice even if you can’t make it to a yoga class, or the studio is closed for the holiday. Remember to make space and take time for yourself, and use this holiday to reflect on your blessings. Maybe after a few digestive poses, you will have a little extra energy and motivation to be productive in the coming days, weeks, and months.

The rain has come, which is a blessing in itself; the rain cleanses, nourishes, and washes away all the things we are ready to let go. Channel the powerful natural energy, and spread your love with the best intentions.






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Summer Inspiration

When it’s hot and muggy in the city,  it can be a challenge to keep inspired and cultivate healthy habits with all the BBQ’s, weddings, lounging by the water, and other summer events. When we would much rather be lazy and “relax,” it’s difficult to keep up with your yoga practice. We’ve come up with a few easy and do-able tips to integrate into your summer routine and stay inspired and healthy this season!


Spend more time outside Get outside and enjoy the fresh air, warmth, and gorgeous weather! Whether it’s your yoga practice, a swim, a bike ride, a hike, group sports, or a walk around the neighbourhood, get your activities outside and allow nature and your surroundings to inspire your exercise and activities.

Hydrate This one is pretty obvious. If we don’t drink enough water, we can feel sluggish and tired. Start your day with a big tall glass of pure or filtered water. Better, yet, sip on some warm lemon water to flush your liver of toxins and kick-start your body’s functions for the day. Aim to drink half your body weight in fluid ounces by 2pm so you aren’t interupting your sleep to go to the bathroom. Keep a trusty water bottle with you that you like and sip, sip, sip, throughout the day! You can even add herbs, fruits, and a couple drops of essential oils to make your h20 more exciting!

Watch the sunset – or sunrise! How often do you get to gaze at a beautiful pink sky? Get to a good view and watch the sun say goodbye to the world. Even better is to wake up extra early and greet the day and the sun. This naturally wakes up the body and can help with getting us into better circadian rythms. This can help with getting a better sleep at night and being less groggy throughout the day and afternoon. These are also great times to expose yourself to Vitamin D as the sun will not be as strong at dawn and dusk.

Check out a local farmer’s market Enjoy the bounty of the season and get inspired by all the colours, flavours, smells, and tastes. Pick out a vegetable or fruit that you don’t usually buy and find a creative recipe to try out for dinner. Berries and corn are especially sweet and in-season at this time of year. Rather than weigh yourself down with heavy processed foods and salty meats, aim to eat lighter and more plant-based this summer to keep your cool, fresh, and healthy.

Create Find your inner-child and some seasonal inspiration by writing a poem, painting, dancing, or doing something artistic that will uplift your spirt.

Be exposed to inspiration A great way to get inspired is to watch others who are inspired themselves. Some great ideas to get yourself exposed to inspiration are: attend a yoga workshop, see an outdoor theatre performance, attend an art show, take a dance class, head to a sporting event, or head to a local music festival. Seeing others succeed and do what they love can be a very powerful tool to get yourself out of a summer rut. Whether it’s the teacher of the class, the performer on stage, or the artists behind the photograph, these individuals are following their dreams and that is an amazing thing!


What inspires you? Let us know in the comments below.

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Open Door Yoga Summer Retreat!


The Open Door Summer Retreat is almost here! This week is your last chance to join us for our 2nd Annual Open Door Summer Retreat July 3rd to 5th (this weekend!) It’s time to relax, cultivate community, and explore personal growth. Lots of hiking, swimming, yoga, meditation, dancing, singing. Relaxation is required! The intention is connection… lots of healing, love, and fun!

We are offering a $50 discount if you book the retreat with a friend – $300 each for two people! (regular price is $350.) Children & families are welcome and children under 12 are FREE!

Register now:




The Retreat is happening at Cheakamus Centre: (2170 Paradise Valley Rd, Brackendale, BC V0N 1H0)

Established in 1969, Cheakamus Centre, formerly the North Vancouver Outdoor School, is an overnight field school and environmental studies facility located on 420 acres of ecological reserve in Paradise Valley. This Centre is owned by the North Vancouver School District (NVSD) and offers a wide variety of experiential environmental programs to children and adults from the Sea to Sky corridor, lower mainland, and beyond. The flagship K-12 Outdoor School program includes field studies, youth leadership, outdoor recreation, and other direct experiences in nature intended to instill in young learners a sense of respect and appreciation for the natural world.

Cheakamus Centre also hosts visitors from around the globe for special events, retreats, conferences, seminars, and workshops. In July 2012, the BlueShore Financial Environmental Learning Centre opened its doors in the heart of Cheakamus Centre campus, allowing for exciting new educational programs and environmental initiatives, and expanded conference and event space. The NVSD has partnered with Listel Canada Ltd. to advance the broader vision for Cheakamus Centre as a centre of excellence in environmental education and sustainable hospitality.


Personal Nutrition Consultation


What better way to focus on self-care and healing our bodies then by a private nutritional consultation with our resident Nutritionist, Sharon Pendlington? Sharon is offering a deep discount on nutritional consultations during the retreat so that you can rebalance. She will help you reach your wellness goals by assessing your symptoms and creating a wellness plan for you that addresses your nutritional deficiencies through food, natural supplements and lifestyle changes. $95.00 for a personal 1 hour consultation (value of $125.)

Click here for more info on Sharon’s promotion. More info about Sharon can be found on her ODY Profile. You can also visit her website, follow her on facebook, or e-mail her at


Some FAQ’s


Canoe Pond


1a) What are the accommodations like? You will share a room with one other person. They are bunk beds. The building is set up so that each room opens up to a common area (with washrooms, showers and sitting area.) Go here for a floor plan.

1b) Is this appropriate for small families? Not really. This is more appropriate for a single person, 2 friends or a couple. If you are coming with your kids we can book you in a cabin that sleeps 10 (2 or 3 small families in one cabin)

2) What is the menu like? The food is really great! The chef has a variety of meal plans and there will be gluten free options and vegan options. Go here to enter your dietary restrictions if you have any.

3) How much yoga will we do ? Lots! See below for the schedule.

4) Will there be meditation? Yes. Check out the schedule for more info.

5) I do not drive and would like to go. How can I get there? There is a carpooling page. Closer to the date, we will hook you up with someone to go up with together. Go here to put your name down if you are needing a lift up.

Please e-mail if you have any further questions.


Schedule (subject to change)




~Friday, July 3rd ARRIVAL~

6:00-7:00pm Dinner

7:00-8:00pm Welcome Circle

8:00-9:15pm Hatha Yoga


~Sat. July 4th FULL DAY ~

7:00-7:45am Meditation

7:45-9:15am Hatha Yoga

9:00-10:30am BREAKFAST

10:15am – 12:30pm or 2pm (Silent Portion on the Return Back) FREE TIME TO EXPLORE: Swimming, canoeing (fee not included,) shorter hike /longer hike (self directed maps provided)

10:30-12:30pm Yin Yoga Class

1:00-3:00pm LUNCH

2:30-4:30pm Affirmation/Creative Visualization Workshop

4:00-5:00pm SNACKS

5:00-6:30 Hatha Yoga

6:30-7:30pm DINNER

8:00-930pm Yoga for Social Connection

9:30-11:00pm Mandala Yoga with music offered by Singing Heart Yoga (Esther Bérubé) & Mars Pitre:
“Coming Full Circle to Close the Day” – Mandalas are circular drawings, often used to depict and integrate various aspects of the self or the world.  Stay for as little or as long as you’d like to create and colour your own mandala, with musical inspiration evoking various states.  You may even be moved to dance! Paper, crayons, and colour pencils will be provided.  No talent necessary, just a willingness to doodle and decompress: or


~Sun. July 5th GOODBYE ~

7:00-7:45am Meditation

8:00-9:00am Hatha Yoga

9:00-10:15am BREAKFAST

11:00am Checkout time: please have everything in your cars by 11am and meet in Melody Hall for feedback and close

10:45-11:30am  Goodbye & feedback forms

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Guest Blogger: Sharon’s Recipe



The Second Annual Open Door Yoga Summer Retreat is two weeks away! The retreat is taking place from July 3rd-5th at Spakwus House in Cheakamus Centre in Brackendale, BC. The cost is $350 or $300 when you register with a friend. Children are welcome and are FREE if they are under 12!

We can’t wait to get together with our students, teachers, families,  neighbourhoods, and communities, to enjoy two full days of rest and relaxation. Activities will range from: hiking, swimming, yoga, meditation, dancing, and singing. Relaxation is required! Our intention with this retreat is connection… We are looking forward to lots of healing, love, and fun done together as a community. Disconnect from the busy city life for a weekend and enjoy some self-care this summer.

What better way to focus on self-care and healing our bodies then by a private nutritional consultation with our resident Nutritionist, Sharon Pendlington. Sharon is offering a deep discount on nutritional consultations during the retreat so that you can rebalance. She will help you reach your wellness goals by assessing your symptoms and creating a wellness plan for you that addresses your nutritional deficiencies through food, natural supplements and lifestyle changes. $95.00 for a personal 1 hour consultation (value of $125)


Sharon can help with delicious recipes like the one below that satisfy cravings, but provide healthy, whole foods to nourish your brain, soul, and body.

Personal Nutrition



Click here for more info on the ODY Retreat

Click here for more info on Sharon’s promotion.

More info about Sharon can be found on her ODY Profile. You can also visit her website, follow her on facebook, or e-mail her at



See you at the retreat and Happy Sipping until then!

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Guest Blogger: Claire LeGresley, RHN

Invest in Yourself

Stress: Change Your Lens, Change your Life

June’s arrived and summer finally feels like it’s in full swing. If you’re looking to increase immunity, improve energy, boost mood and get back to your best-self this season, look-no-further!

Let’s start with a struggle that I see in my practice DAILY. Stress, stress and more stress. It’s important to know that you are not alone in feelings of being swamped by stress. However, everyone perceives stressful events differently. One’s perception of events will determine their emotional and behavioural reaction to them. We use the word perception because we can never know true reality – only our perception.

There is a huge difference between the events as they are and events as the way we experience them – change your perception and your reaction changes. Say it with me now – change your lens, change your life!

It’s time to take ownership of your feelings. Having a deeper awareness of your own reality will enable you to have power over your behaviours.

Let’s dive in deep!

Understanding Stress

  • Your autonomic nervous system is divided into two branches: the sympathetic (fight or flight) and the parasympathetic (rest and digest).
  • The sympathetic and parasympathetic branches are always in balance with each other, very much like a see-saw.
  • However, if you are chronically stressed to make the sympathetic system dominant – that’s where problems pop up.

Stuck in Fight or Flight

  • The General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) is more commonly known as the flight or fight response. Although we have evolved as a species the way our bodies react has not changed.
  • Whether your stress is emotional (most stress is) or physical your body reacts in the same way.
  • Some people will be stuck in this stress response cycle and have no idea. This happens when there is no ‘before and after’ frame of reference.
  • Things to look out for: reduced focus and concentration, difficulty handling stress, feelings of frustration, anger, anxiety, depression, fear and being overwhelmed.

Keeping the Balance

Here’s the deal – it’s unrealistic to attempt to remove all stress. So, I encourage you to move your mindset to “how can I best help and support my body to take on difficult daily stressors?”…not sure how? Well, that’s what I’m here for!

  • Meditation / Mindfulness: My absolute favourite resources! & & Open Door Yoga’s Meditation on Self-Love.
  • Yoga: Soothe stress, strengthen the body & mind, learn how to breathe. Check out:
  • & Hatha or Yin classes on Open Door Yoga’s Class Schedule.
  • Priority Management: Pick priorities – your “To-Do” list should only have 3 items, max. Feel impossible? Ask yourself: “what are the top 3 things I can do today so that I when I go to sleep I will feel satisfied from the day?”
  • Exercise: Uses the sugar secreted in your “flight or fight” response, BUT be careful not to overdo it which can have opposite effects. Check out a Power class on Open Door Yoga’s Class Schedule.
  • Nutrition: It’s importatnt to avoid Caffeine & alcohol, heavy meats and fast/processed foods & sugar. I’m hosting a Summer Eating Challenge that starts this weekend and includes support, recipes, and tips on how to avoid stress through good nutrition! It’s your last days to register so see the info below to get started!

You can find all of the challenge details here.

You can check out my website here and subscribe for my weekly newsletter, “Wellness Wednesdays” here.

unnamed (1)


Breathe in, breathe out; repeat.


Claire LeGresley, RHN

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Ayurvedic Tips for the Summer

Happy June and Full Moon! This is a powerful and exciting time for many of us as we enter into the summer months. This means more BBQ’s, patio drinks, and beach days in the sun. All the relaxing and celebrating and indulging can create imbalance in our bodies. In Ayurveda, we recognize this imbalance having excess Pitta – the dosha associated with youth, digestion, warmth, and summer. We thought we would share some ways to re-balance your Doshas and body by calming and pacifying the Pitta ways.


Cut down or eliminate: foods that are fried, oily, greasy, salty. Avoid meat and alcohol.

Increase: foods that are bitter, astringint, and sweet (fresh fruits, cucmber, herbs.)

Smell: Diffuse, spray, mist, or dab on floral scents. Use rose, jasmine, lavender essential oils.

Colour: Wear or surround yourself with cooling colours like white, light blue, and grey.

Hydrate: Sip enough cool, filtered water to calm, cool, and balance any excess heat but avoid ice. Add in lemon, berries, rose water, cucumber or fresh herbs to help with the cooling and add an extra exciting taste.

Skin: Keep your skin healthy and protected by covering up from the sun and using sun screen with a good SPF. Use rose water & witch hazel as a natural toner, or make a spray out of it with a floral essential oil to mist on, freshen up, and cool down. Use coconut oil all over the body as a natural SPF and moisturize.

Activities: choose swimming or other water sports during the summer to cool the body instead of over-heat. For yoga, practice Moon Salutations instead of Sun Salutations to create the same benefits, but in a more cooling and organic way.


How are you going to keep cool this season? Happy Summer!

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ODY Community: Sharon


In her work as a Holistic Nutritionist, Sharon Pendlington is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor, Birth Doula, educator, and group facilitator.  Sharon offers private nutritional consultations to address the root cause of her clients’ health concerns. Once she has assessed their dietary intake, lifestyle and symptoms profile, she recommends nutrients (food and natural supplements) and lifestyle changes specific for each client. Sharon also offers group cooking classes, educational seminars, grocery store tours, kitchen cleanes, and menu planning.

Sharon will be at our 2nd Annual Yoga Retreat this July! Her company, Personal Nutrition will be offering a deep discount for everybody attending the retreat this year! For $95.00, you will get a 1 hour, private nutritional consultation ($125.00 Value.) Read on to learn more about Sharon and her experience.


I began my professional career as an Environmental Consultant in the Fraser Valley, after receiving a Science degree in Biology from McMaster University. Having practiced yoga and received its many benefits for years, I was drawn to share the practice of yoga with others, following the birth of my son. I became a certified 500-hr Yoga Instructor, and began teaching at my home studio and at various studios in the valley. I particularly enjoy guiding Prenatal Yoga classes that prepare mom for the physical and emotional challenges of pregnancy, labour, birth and motherhood. After my daughter was born, 8 years ago, it became increasingly important for me to live in alignment with my values, and with the support of Be the Change Earth Alliance, I was able to clarify new roles for myself as a Birth Doula and Holistic Nutritionist. In July 2014, my family moved to the beautiful community of Mount Pleasant, with the intention of choosing a more walk-able lifestyle and reducing our carbon footprint. We have been warmly welcomed to this community and we are grateful every day for the friendliness and community of this neighbourhood.

In the past year, I have been teaching yoga classes, assisting with cooking classesa and preparing food for members at InspireHealth (a supportive, integrated cancer care clinic in Vancouer). I opened Personal Nutrition in January of this year, with the intention to work in the wonderful community in which I live. I enjoy supporting my clients to reach their health and wellness goals, by working one-on-one with them to address their health concerns, through customized food and lifestyle planning. I am thrilled to have an opportunity to share my experience in yoga, prenatal care and natural nutrition to support my clients to bring their highest selves to the world! Sharon works under the belief that the body has the innate wisdom to heal itself and rebalance, given the proper nutrients and lifestyle.


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