Take Shelter from the Storm

Take Shelter from the Storm

When we see a storm rolling in the horizon, it gets really scary and overwhelming.

There isn’t always a chance to prepare for what is coming, and ready or not whatever has to happen it will happen.

But not everything is bad news when the storm approaches, we can take shelter in ourselves and reflect on the external things that we want to change in life.

Here 4 benefits of taking shelter from a storm approaching in your life:

  1. Take your time to slow down: Start by catching your breath.  Breathe slowly and deeply. Savour this slow time and see how you can start settling everything that has been floating around in your life. The storm can only last so long, Before taking action you need a plan, start your plan, act on it once the the storm has passed.
  2. Clean up your “house” move things around, clean, get rid of the heavy stuff that you don’t need anymore, make room for the fresh air coming where the clouds have moved away.
    Heavy furniture and dusty floors only block the energy for new and better things
  3. Chill. There is nothing you can do to make things happen faster, go with the flow, build your resilience and optimism, get ready for when you come out to the sunshine.
  4. Stay optimistic, storms don’t last for ever, your time to shine will come back, and after taking shelter within yourself, you will feel stronger and wiser.So remember, we always go through stormy stages, but they only last so long, and we can overcome the rain. The sun is still out there, even when we don’t see it, the sun will shine again, better times will come our way.

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