Yoga … Everyday?

Yoga … Everyday?

Have you ever wished you could set up a daily yoga routine, but you never seem to get around to it? If so, you’re just like me!

Not a week goes by where I don’t dream of doing yoga every day. I love yoga and all of its benefits, yet I can’t seem to commit to a daily routine. Every time I feel my feet hit my yoga mat I thank Heaven for such a wonderful opportunity, and the moment I leave my mat I am already dreaming of the next time I’ll be back. However, life always seems to get in the way: we have meals to cook, we come home from work tired, the nasty weather discourages us from leaving the house to get to the yoga studio, or maybe we’re just too lazy to get to a class.

I’ve faced the same challenges time and time again, but I’ve decided to solve my problem once and for all. While there is nothing better than attending a class with a compassionate teacher who can guide you through each pose, making it to class isn’t always practical. So my solution is, as I’m sure you have guessed, is to practice at home! Since I don’t need to bring my mat with me to the studio, I can leave it set up in my apartment.

The set up: along with my mat outstretched on the floor I have a few blocks and a blanket. Nothing complicated.

Whenever I come home from work and need to unwind, I seat myself on my mat and breathe deeply and center myself by picking a mantra. Then I usually continue with a Cat Asana and then let my body tell me what comes next.

And thankfully, for the days when I lack inspiration, I can always find a class to attend at home here in this link. There’s nothing that can take the place of a yoga class, but when you’re stuck between yoga at home and no yoga at all, well, the answer is pretty clear.

Now when I motivate myself to do yoga I am satisfied, and I can happily sit on my bum and watch TV. I know I can always go back to my mat to recover my peace, get back to my center and just breathe again.

So I urge you to give practicing yoga at home a chance. It’s virtually effortless to set up your space and it’s nothing compared to how proud you’ll be of yourself for doing it. Now, whenever you feel like skipping out on yoga remind yourself of how good you felt the last time you practiced. I bet the thought will inspire you to get onto your mat.

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