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We are at a new venue this year, The Springbrook Retreat Centre in Langley. This beautiful property is made up of various buildings for yoga practice & accommodations that feature a pool, hot tub, sauna + tennis court. A selection of Open Door Yoga teachers will be eagerly awaiting to teach various yoga classes + workshops that you can choose to attend.

1) What are the accommodations like?

This is our first year at Springbrook centre so please check out the accommodation types.

  • If you chose a non-private room then you will share a room with other people. There are bunk beds or single beds  
  • The buildings are set up so that each room has at least two beds in it.
  • There is at least one washroom per cabin which means sharing is a must.

2) What is the food like?

Springbrook provides retreaters three meals (buffet style) per day, as well as tea, coffee and water.

The centre serves up buffet style meals for everyone to eat as a group. We will choose a mainly vegetarian menu, with the exception of some fish. Please make sure you have let us know about your major dietary restrictions upon registration and we will do our best, but the centre is not equipped to meet all needs.

3) How much yoga will we do and do i need to participate in every class ?

Go here to view a preliminary schedule. (This is subject to change). You may attend as many or as little classes as you want.

4) Will there be meditation?

Yes, mornings from 7 – 7:30 am.

5) I do not drive and would like to go. How can I get there?

We can try to arrange carpooling. Closer to the date we will do our best to hook you up with someone to drive in with. Be sure you have entered your wish to carpool upon online sign up.

6) Can a refund be given?

We cannot do any refunds under a month away from the retreat. Unfortunately we need to pay the retreat center, so anyone who has paid cannot receive a refund!

 If you have any further questions, please email us.