Jennifer Clarke

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What can you expect from my classes:
I teach blend of detailed instruction of postures, both physical and energetic alignment, and a foundational focus on breath. I support students to find a sense of calm so they can listen to the subtle wisdom of their body. I guide students to find a deep and embodied practise building inner attention, and I strive to teach a class that is sensitive to the varying abilities of all participants. It is my experience that Yoga, when practised consistently, can be a powerful tool in supporting us to move into our full potential and thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. I’ve been practising since 1995 and teaching since 2005. I have completed multiple teacher training programs such as a 100 hr Ashtanga YTT with Fiona Stang, a 200 hr Yogaworks YTT with Catherine Munro, audited 200 hr Yogaworks YTT, multiple cadaver labs, anatomy and physiology both at Langara, online and self-directed, a Trauma Informed YTT with Nicole Marcia, 1000 hr Masters level Medical Qigong with Wendy Lang of Empty Mountain and the International College of Medical Qigong. I have taken 1000s of hours of workshops and trainings by teachers locally and abroad. As well, I have over 20 years of movement training in contemporary dance and other forms of movement study. I also have many years of training in spiritual study and Buddhism with the New Kadampa Tradition, Insight Meditation Society and Lightbody with Orin and Daben.

What is your practice like?

My practise is always rooted in finding inner attention and embodiment. I include an inversion, hip and spine opening, a pranayam (breathing) practise, a restorative pose, and a visualisation meditation. It should be understood that different days require different types of practises and poses.


The inability to accept the mystic experience is more than an intellectual handicap, it is the lack of awareness of the basic unity of organism and environment. And, a serious and dangerous hallucination. — Alan Watts

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