Joan De Verteuil

Joan wandered onto the yogic path in 2002, and has been enjoying the journey ever since. She’s been a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor since 2008, and soon after added teaching Yin yoga to her repertoire. Yoga connects her more deeply with herself, the world, and the “here and now.” She feels physically and emotionally healthier with a regular yoga practice and has a passion for sharing this with her students.

Emphasising breath and body awareness, Joan keeps her students calm and grounded while guiding them through a balanced practice. She encourages students to listen to their own bodies and choose the level of intensity that’s right for them. Clear verbal instructions help students explore poses more deeply while maintaining safe alignment. Joan firmly believes that yogis (including teachers!) shouldn’t take themselves too seriously.

Joan also teaches Music Together – a worldwide music and movement program for babies through pre-schoolers. She loves to putter in her community garden, sings gospel, soul and world music with City Soul Choir, and participates in kirtans (devotional chanting). She’s also an avid intentional dancer.

One of my favourite sayings is from Zimbabwe: “If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing.” I like to add: “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.”

Private Session with Joan:
Awareness is a key component in yoga. I’ve observed that many yoga students, even those with many years of experience, could use some extra help with this aspect of their asana practice. (Do you know where your knee is pointing relative to your toes? Where are your shoulders and arms relative to your heart? How are you with those balancing poses?) Together we’ll identify which poses you need to work on, and then I’ll help you to develop your kinesthetic awareness and proprioception so that you can practice more safely and go deeper into your body. We will also focus on the breath! And smiling.
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