Kayla Law

What attracted Kayla to the practice of yoga in 2005 was that it wasn’t a competition, and it wasn’t about anyone else it was just about you, the mat, and your breath. This practice lit a fire within her to keep growing starting with her first teacher training in 2011 with Prana Yoga Teacher’s College. She continued to become certified as a massage practitioner through Langara College in 2012, which gave her many tools that she continues to drop into each class. In 2015 she completed her 300 hour Teacher Training with Christine Price Clark at the Vancouver School of Yoga. This training catapulted her into teaching full time in Vancouver because of the skills and confidence she gained.

What you can expect from Kayla is a light hearted approach to life, passion for this practice and a deep appreciation of each students story. Her teachers that keep inspiring her each week to be a better teacher, and to keep growing are Christine Price Clark, Carolyn Anne Budgell, and Kate Gillespie. As she has been teaching full time she continues to finish up her training with Clearmind international to become a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor where she plans to merge the practice of yoga with the practice of connection to self and to community through workshops and yoga series.