Krishna ॐ


Krishna initially became interested in yoga as a method of coping with high levels of stress and anxiety.  On her healing journey, she has been interested in the intersection of where science meets spirituality. She loves to teach practical ways to deal with stress and share functional movement techniques and alignment in a safe and supported way.  She is in her tenth year of yoga teaching and is trained in various styles such as Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Dharma and Yin yoga.  She is also a Pilates teacher and Reiki practitioner.

Her classes are inspired by her anatomical knowledge of the body. When you attend her class you will feel safe and supported.  She encourages self-acceptance, playfulness & freedom from stress and anxiety. She enjoys exploring functional movement patterns through  safe and intelligent sequencing combined with breathwork. Consistent practice with Krishna can lead to shifts in body, mind & spirit. Krishna is known for her passion for teaching and for her ability to put students at ease.  To learn more about her, please visit

What you can expect to experience from my classes:
Expect to experience intelligent sequencing, playful flows and personal progression with consistent practice.  Krishna enjoys weaving traditional yogic teachings in class that can help ease the modern stresses of everyday living.  All levels are welcome, as variations will be offered allowing students to feel safe and supported in every pose. Students sometimes leave feeling like they can move with more ease, along with a deepened sense of peace and well being.