Lidija Martinovic Rekert

Inspired by Yoga and Dharma, in 2002 Lidija founded The Yoga Wheel with a vision to contribute in spreading these teachings, in the authenticity of their lineages. She directed and taught in The Yoga Wheel 200 hr Teacher training, has served as a faculty and guest teacher for three Yoga Teacher Training programs and provides on-going Teacher’s Mentorship.

Her initial training and experience is in a field of counselling and therapy. In over a decade, Lidija has been studying and practicing meditation and Dharma with Theravadan, as well as Nyingma and Kagyu Tibetan schools. Lidija is a member of Vancouver Mindfulness Network. She recently finished 800 hours of Yoga training with advanced practitioner Gioia Irwin and Orit Sen Gupta. Her practice is based on inquiry and preciseness of movements guided “from the inside”, cultivating deep stability, strength, vitality and openness of body/mind.

Lidija is trained in Hatha, Kundalini Yoga and Yoga therapy. She is very interested in the extensive research in embryology and neuroscience, as well as the latest research on connective tissue.

“I am deeply grateful to all my teachers: Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, Sakyong Mipham (Shambhala International), Yogi Bhajan and Kundalini Research Institute ( Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma), Gioia Irwin (Hatha, Vijnana Yoga), Gil Headley (Integral Anatomy), Thomas W. Myers (Anatomy Trains), Howard Jones (Biodynamic Anatomy), Andrew Feldmár ( Ethics and politics of experience), and Bonny Bainbridge Cohen ( Body Mind Cenering).”



Lidija’s RESTORATIVE classes have a deep flavour of yoga therapy. She focuses on opening the body breath, tapping into the the parasympathetic nervous system for body’s natural recuperation. As a meditation practitioner and guide she teacher basics of meditation instruction and mindfulness awareness practice.

Lidija’s HATHA classes are based on anatomically precise guidance through Tensegrity Alignment (cultivating myofascial tension while keeping the skeletal integrity). She usually starts the class with tuning into the subtlety of breath and fluid body, taping into parasympathetic n.s. , cultivating awareness and stability of body/mind. She then follows with some core focused practices of precise, engaging and sequencing movements, often using metaphors and images, stimulating brain re-patterning process. Standing series are practiced with persistence and strength, building towards few deeper postures and finishing with integrating and counterbalancing asanas. Influenced by energy based practices Lidija cultivates intentions of rooting ( gravity) and lightness ( buoyancy) while actively applying principles of relaxing, expanding, elongating and integrating body/mind/spirit. After the class one is left with quiet, open mind and strong body.

Words of a student

“I began Yoga later in my life . I have struggled with high cholesterol for the last ten years and for the first time it has normalized. My cardiologist was surprised to learn that the only thing I had done differently was to add a regular Yoga practice to my routine. I attribute the changes in my metabolic profile, and the motivation to sustain the improvement, to the Yoga I have learned from Lidija. Her teaching goes far beyond learning Yoga poses. Her knowledge of tensegrity repair, myofascial lines and fundamental core work as well as meditation and breath work make her classes unique. She has taught me that the incorporation all of these aspects of Yoga are essential to integrate mind and body, to optimize physical and mental health for the journey through life. Lidija’s compassion, her dedication to the practice of all that is Yoga and her willingness to share it with others is something for which I will always be grateful.”  Judith Ly, MD



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