Baby ‘n Me / Post Partum Yoga

Wednesday, Mar 6, 2019 until 17 Apr 2019

Time: 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm
Location: Commercial Drive

A progressive yoga class that is tailored to strengthen and stretch you into balance: mentally, physically and emotionally. A friendly place where you can practice with your baby on your mat.

The session will run from:

March 6 – April 17, 2019

Wednesdays 1pm at Commercial

7 week session = $101.50 + gst = $106.58

Class price for the session is prorated weekly, so 7 weeks is $101.50 + gst,  etc
Drop-ins : $20.95 + gst = $22
Drop-ins  are always welcome

Held at our Commercial Drive Studio.
Enter from Graveley across from Home Hardware or
to use the elevator enter at 1651 Commercial Drive.

Because I’d never want you to have to miss your class please note that you are most welcome to attend Baby n me with older siblings in tow if you cannot find childcare and we’ll do our best to integrate them into the class or make them comfortable doing their own thing.

Classes take place at our Commercial Drive Studio, located at 1651 Commercial Drive.
You may enter from Graveley and Commercial across from the Home Hardware if you
don’t mind some stairs to get your practice started – if you are coming with a stroller you
want to use the entrance between the Vancity and the Tim Hortons/ slightly south of the
Main entrance to the el Mercato. Look for the awning that says 1651 and you’ll find the
elevator opens to the street level there.
The class is run as a 8 week workshop series. You can sign up for the full series and
save $ by committing to your practice or may also drop-in if you prefer once the session
is running. Pass prices will be prorated weekly until over half way through so you can
still join us after the first class and enjoy the convenience and savings of a baby n me
Sign up:
***Please note that the online registration is only available up until the first class of the
series.*** After the first class, or for more info, please come to the studio 10-15minutes
before class, email: or call: 778.371.8179. Pre-registration
is the best way to ensure your spot in class as spaces are limited.
Class description:
Parenting is an amazing experience. It also means facing new responsibilities and
demands. It can take it out of you. And, so all caregivers are invited to attend. Come
meet other parents in the hood- it takes a village.
This is a relaxing and energizing class where you can balance and re-energize and
learn the principles of yoga to support yourself to be the best parent you can be. You will
learn how to breathe so that you re-energize yourself. You will learn how to create
awareness and move safely in postures and transitions to protect your back and
strength your supporting muscles so that you can use that awareness to stay safe and
strong with your babe off the mat. We practice both a gentle flow of postures and
breathing techniques to help you handle the stress and fatigue of being a new parent.
Best of all you get to bring your little bundle of joy with you!! We’ll spend some special
time massaging and playing with them and including them in poses when its suitable. In
my class you get to make the practice work for you and your baby: whether you choose
to include your baby in your pose or make faces at them while they hang out on your
mat; whether you need to put them to sleep or are tending to a feeding or diaper need anything
goes. I just want you to feel good and comfortable! Class is tailored to precrawling
babes but all babies are welcome to attend and no prior experience is
*Note: Modifications and specific postures tailored to support strengthening your body
are offered in each class so new moms can feel safe easing back into a physical routine
after birthing. However, please note that is recommended to wait 4 weeks after birthing
vaginally or 6 weeks after a cesarian birth to start back into a physical exercise routine.
And, its best to consult a healthcare professional to see if yoga is suitable for you at
this time.
Benefits include:
* Increased circulation
* Toned muscles
* Improved mobility
* Maintaining physical and mental balance
* Calmness and focus
* Relaxation of the body, mind and spirit
* Connection with self, other moms and baby
* Community, fun, socializing.


Bookings are closed for this event.

Please note that we are not able to issue a refund unless the workshop is cancelled.