Discover your own personal blend of Essential oils and how to trigger positive brain & mental health through the process of guided meditation & induction

Saturday, Aug 17, 2019

Time: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Location: Commercial Drive

Can you smell your way to a better brain, a better you? Science says yes! Smell is the strongest brain trigger compared to any other senses. Through this workshop, you’ll be guided through meditation and self-hypnosis process to unlock what positive triggers you need found deep in your subconscious. From there, we can discover what your very own essential oil blend is to reactivate those positive triggers and parts of the brain. This is all done through the combination and practice of neuroscience, music therapy, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy and Eastern medicine & TCM. Join us in creating your own personalized wellness in achieving calmness, inner peace, clarity, relaxation, creativity, reducing stress/anxiety and much more. *Essential oils, rollers that are customized for you are available for purchase separately.

Facilitator’s Bio:
Joney Poon is the owner of Musical Expressions & Rain or Shine Therapy. Joney has her BS in Clinical Psychology & is an Accredited Music Therapist. She is also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and has further training in GIM (Guided Imagery in Music), NMT (neuro music therapy), neonatal music therapy, and aromatherapy. Joney is passionate with working with people of all ages from children to seniors. Her mission is to provide people with tools through science of neurology and holistic wellbeing to recruit their brain power and inner strengths to holistically improve the mind, body and soul!


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