Tools for an Empowered Birth

Saturday, Feb 9, 2019

Time: 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Location: Commercial Drive

This one day workshop is an open invitation to expectant parents in any trimester who would like to prepare for the incredible transformations of pregnancy, birth, and beyond into postpartum.

Come prepared to move and breathe in a one-hour yoga class with Liz, as she helps you reach in and connect to your inner strength and intuitive wisdom.

Muneera will then lead an interactive session on birth preparation, and share some of the best-loved labour tools in a doula’s birth bag. Join us as we dig into the most effective ways to prepare the mind, body and heart for the marathon of birthing. A little bit of effort in pregnancy goes a long way in labour!

Facilitator’s Bio

Liz Merkel
I am a certified prenatal yoga instructor, Elementary Teacher and mama to a lovely and lively toddler. I am honoured to be with expectant parents and babies on their journeys.

Muneera Wallace
I am a birth doula and prenatal educator. I have two delightful children of my own and have been proudly helping families have empowered births for the last 12 years.


Yoga and doula wisdom for your birth journey


Please note that we are not able to issue a refund unless the workshop is cancelled. If you are unable to attend a workshop that you registered for, a credit will be issued for future workshops.