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Extension, Transfers & Cancellations Policy & Frequently Asked Questions
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Extension/Transfer/Cancellation Policy

Unlimited Passes:
Extensions: $40 for up to two months. To extend beyond two months, $20/month or portion of month. No carryover of unused extensions and the monthly payments (if applicable) will continue until the minimum commitment is completed.
Holiday Transfers: Students with a current Continuous 3/12/18 Month Pass who will be away from the studio for 2 weeks or more may specify one non member (does not have a current pass @ ODY) to attend instead of them while they are away. This must be arranged through info@opendooryoga.bc.ca before hand and the non member must receive their own scan card.
Transfers: Time transferred to another student will be added to that student’s minimum commitment.
Cancellations: Student can cancel their unlimited pass by paying for half the remaining amount on their pass (minimum charge of one month)

10 session passes:
No extensions or cancellations although unused classes may be added to next pass

Why ‘no refund’ policy?
That the number of classes run, teachers pay, advertising, rent, expenses etc…are based on the number of passes sold. That when a student agrees to pay with post-dated debit/credit card, we are actually offering a discount based on the commitment we are receiving. That our monthly payment plan (without added cost to the student) was meant to make it easier for a student to pay and not a “pay as you go”plan.

Though we acknowledge many businesses offer ‘refunds’, being an independent ‘small community business’, we don’t have the reserve or resources larger companies do so have a ‘no refund policy’ the same way some smaller, independent stores have the same. That instead we have offered an extension, cancellation & transfer policy to help address students’ concerns which can then also allow Open Door Yoga to stay sustainable.

FAQ: for the New Extension/Transfer/ Cancellation Policy:

Why this policy?
We have heard this request in our surveys recently and felt that if we wanted to encourage our students to maintain a regular practice by committing to a longer term pass (what keeps us financially sustainable) we would need to find a way to address those requests yet keep the prices low for current members who have not needed this

What happens if I paid in full for my pass but would like to take advantage of this new policy?
Simply contact info@opendooryoga.bc.ca and we can help you.

What if I am in the midst of my pass but I would like to take advantage of the New Extension/Transfer/Cancellation policy?
Simply contact info@opendooryoga.bc.ca and we can help you.

I would like to put my pass on hold, what if I don’t know the exact date that I would like to restart my pass?
The $40 fee allows your pass to be on hold for up to two months so if you’re not sure when you’ll be back, start with two months and if you get back before then, no problem you can let us know before your 1st class and we’ll get your pass started again. If you will be away for longer, please let us know a month before your pass is supposed to start up again and we can extend the hold for $20/month or portion of month. Also, if you start with a hold of shorter than two months, there’s no fee to extend the hold for up to two months in total.

What should I do if I would like an extension, transfer or cancellation?
Please email info@opendooryoga.bc.ca with the details of their request and that someone will get back to you soon. Remember that if you already have had a break in the calendar year that this will not be allowed.

Can I take a break on any type of pass?
You can take a break on the 8 or 9 Week Intro Passes and 3, 12 & 18 Month Continuous Passes (and any other unlimited passes we occasionally sell), but NOT on the 10 Session Pass or the 5 Session pass we occasionally sell.

Is there any cost to taking a break/extension? Why?
Yes. There is an extension fee of $40. The $40 Extension fee in all cases is to account for the lower revenues ODY will collect monthly because of this extension policy as we will have the same revenue but spread out over a longer amount of time. The $40 will cover up to 2 months, then after it costs $20/month or portion of month.

Do I still need to pay the extension fee if I need a break for a valid reason (e.g accident/injury/pregnancy etc…?
Yes, unfortunately. Open Door Yoga needs to collect this fee to pay for its operating costs when students are taking their extensions

What if I want to have two extensions in a year?
You can put your pass on hold as many times as you need in a year. The fee(s) must be paid each separate time you put your pass on hold.

Can I take an extension if I have not finished my minimum commitment? Yes, but your regular monthly payments will continue until your minimum commitment is completed and then any time you paid for but didn’t use will be “free” after your minimum commitment. IE if you put your pass on hold for 2 months and your minimum commitment is completed with the Jan 15 payment, Feb & Mar 15 payments will be $0 and then your pass will continue with your regular payments on the 15th of the month until you give one month written notice to cancel or put your pass on hold again.