Kristen McCarthy

Kristen McCarthy has a natural instinct for the language of the soul. She graduated with an honours degree in creative writing from UBC. Her personal journey into the nature of healing led her study with teachers from wisdom traditions in yoga, shamanism, and gnosticism for over sixteen years. She has a special interest in Yoga Nidra, an ancient meditation technique that she offers monthly at Open Door Yoga.

Her yoga classes respond to the energetics of the students in attendance, and therefore can range from gentle to moderate to challenging. The thread that remains the same throughout all styles of practice is the cultivation of presence as the foundation of yoga. There, we can learn to observe our minds and develop an awareness of ourselves.

Kristen is a certified Shamanic Energy Medicine practitioner and student of transpersonal psychology. She offers private sessions to those seeking a healing modality that addresses them as a whole human being – one who is physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. Sessions support individuals to shift the energetic patterns of their situation, and to embody the journey of their soul in the here and now.