Mandy Sheen

Mandy Sheen’s love for yoga started ten years ago when she first began to practice asana. Mandy’s first experience of yoga was in the womb of her beautiful mama, the two shared a practice of yoga together throughout Mandy’s childhood. The positive life changing results that her personal yoga practice brought her inspired her to share the gift of yoga. Mandy finished her teacher training in October 2005 for hatha and prenatal yoga. After endless amazing trainings around the city and beyond, she now teaches a wide variety of classes including hatha, power, flow, prenatal, post natal, kids and restorative yoga on a full time basis. Educating the birthing community being one of her goals, she also gives prenatal birthing workshops regularly. Mandy’s classes are taught with a very grounded, yet playful flow. Encouraging students to feel their bodies from within and move from a place of fluidity and gentleness using yoga foundations. She reminds her students to keep a deep and constant connection to their prana(life force) and how this can transform their lives when they bring conscious awareness in the present moment. Encouraging students not only to feel physically but emotionally, to travel deep within themselves to the beautiful light being they are, feeling and healing with every breath, every movement and every moment.
Mandy grew up in a house of love, truth and freedom and brings this to each of her classes, teaching through love and acceptance, encouraging her students to return to the natural state of love and truth.

What is your practice like these days?
My practice is grounded yet very fluid. Alignment based through softness and gentleness.