Saturday, Aug 18, 2018

Time: 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Location: Commercial Drive

With Jolene Bayda

Class is full

Bring awareness to how the developmental years of your life continue to influence your current body structure. Physical patterns & habits essentially tattoo themselves into the inner web of connectivity and armour the natural mechanics of your physical matter while distorting the organic flow of mind and e-motion.
Utilizing massage balls as a device to reveal and realign the imbalances and physical holding patterns, learn self-care methods to release the body’s innate intelligence and well-being.
** (All materials supplied)

Facilitators Bio

Familiarize yourself with how yoga poses can show you more than how to “strike a pose”… Utilizing a creative flow of Yang and Yin postures, like poetry in motion, I’ll take you on a journey through the physical and subtle bodies, while we embody breath as a tool to release the body’s daily reaction to stress and tension. Breathe to free the mind. What else is there? IT’S ALL YOGA.


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