I’m not very flexible. Will I be able to do it?

This is a good reason to come to a class to try to loosen any tight muscles. Everyone has somewhere in their body that they can create more flexibility.

I have never done yoga before will I be able to take the class?

All the classes (except the power classes) are geared for beginners and the instructor will ensure that you are comfortable and understand how and why you are doing a posture.

Do I need to bring anything?

No. Unless you would like to use your own mat or cushion we provide the necessary equipment.

Do I need to book in advance?

No, but come at least 10 minutes before the beginning of your first class.

How early do I need to come?

If it is your first class try for at least 10 minutes so that the instructor can talk with you a little. It is nice to have enough time to come in and slow down before your class begins as you continue in your practice.

What type of yoga do you teach?

We practice Hatha Yoga, the most popular form of yoga that strengthens, increases flexibility, and brings balance to the body by moving it into postures/asanas. We also teach a faster-paced variation of hatha yoga called Power Yoga. It is a little more strenuous because there is less rest in between the postures.

How much is it?

A variety of reasonably price passes are offered. Please go to the Prices section for the amounts.

What should I wear?

Comfortable loose clothing, particularily around the waist so that you can breath and stretch freely.

Is it okay to eat before I come?

Try not to have a meal before a class. Have a light snack or eat a couple of hours before so that you are not hungry during the class.

I have injured myself. Is it risky to do any yoga?

Depending on your injury we will advise you of modifications you can do so that you can heal more quickly. Let us know before a class what health concerns you have so that we can give you the appropriate variations to suit you.

I am feeling under the weather, should I still come to Yoga?

Feeling sick is our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong and that we may need to slow down. A regular Yoga practice strengthens the immune system and helps to fend off colds and flu, but once you are already sick it is important to rest, drink plenty of fluids and only practice very gentle yoga poses at home.

For a studio that values compassion and peace, why do you not allow cancellations at no cost for ‘extenuating circumstances”?
It isn’t that we are not compassionate towards each students reasons or circumstances but as a small business with limited reserves, we feel we need to be compassionate and fair to all the students that do honour their commitment as that is the only way ODY can stay sustainable. Know we do consider all and every request which is why we created the extension, transfer and cancellation policy so that is available to ALL for whatever reason you feel you may need it. In this way, we feel we are creating a win-win agreement with you, the teachers, others we need to pay, other students ….everyone.

I have heard according to the consumers protection act, we can cancel a pass due to death, a note from a doctor or if we move 30km away so do you offer that?
Yes and no. No, in that we do not offer an outright cancellation as we do not feel this would be fair to those we don’t offer this to. But Yes in that we feel we can offer you a cancellation of the pass at a cost or without a cost by having you find someone to transfer it to. That if you feel very distressed, let us know as we may be able to help you find someone to transfer it to (if available).

Can my child come with me to a class?

If you wish your child/teen to attend,  they are allowed provided that they will behave quietly and don’t cause disturbances. Please do note that we offer classes specifically for baby, toddler and teens on a regular basis.

Can I come to class and watch (not participate?

No. Our concern is for our students. To have someone on the side watching (child / adult) can be distracting or uncomfortable for students in postures.

Yoga Etiquette:

• Please arrive for class ten minutes early, so you are not rushed and can prepare for class quietly.~ Doors lock as soon as class begins.
• A sign is placed outside asking you to wait 5-10 mins The teacher will then check at that time for anyone late. Please be quiet as being late is disruptive to the class and means you are missing out on the valuable time to sit and find stillness before the active part of the class begins.
• Turn your cell phone off before entering the studio.
• Avoid eating a big meal right before and up to two hours before class.
• Do not wear any strong perfumes or deodorants,
• If you smoke please do not smoke before you come to class/wear clothing that you have smoked in We spend much of the time breathing deeply in a class and if there is nicotine in the air it is toxic.
• For hygiene reasons we suggest you bring your own yoga mat.
• We have mats at the studio for you to use, please spray them at the end of class thoroughly.
• We provide all other props that may be needed for your practice, such as bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps.
• Wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict your movement or your freedom to breathe.
• Yoga is usually practiced in bare feet. Take your shoes off as soon as you are inside the studio and put them on the shoe racks provided.
• If you have a membership please scan and bring your pass to the mat with you ($5 service charge that goes to charity if you need to replace your scan card).
• Be respectful of others, some people like to come to class early to sit and meditate, as much as possible keep voices low in the studio.
• If you have any health concerns, or issues that your teacher should know about, please speak to him or her before the class begins.
• During cold and flu season please rest at home if you’re experiencing a contagious phase.

• It is best if you are able to stay until the end of class. If for any reason you need to leave early, please let your teacher know before class so they can help guide you into an early final relaxation, and help you exit as seamlessly as possible. This will ensure not only the safety of your practice, but also ensure that other students are not disrupted.

• Animals are not allowed to enter the yoga space due to allergy concerns and hygiene requirements/restrictions enforced by the City.